As this leg of my learning journey comes to a close, I am left to ponder what comes next. I am overawed by my colleagues from such diverse school boards around the province, and humbled to learn from them throughout the course.

This diversity gave me pause again to reconsider the words of Michael Fullan in Indelible Leadership. Paraphrased it reads “A leader needs to be right at the end of the meeting, not at the beginning.” I was challenged throughout the course to rethink my opinions, either to strengthen my resolve through discussion, or to change my mind when other experiences are brought to light.

I still think that 1:1 is a bad idea in light of trying to get students to collaborate, but I do see where the positives are in places where wireless doesn’t work, but wired does. I do know that personal devices create distraction, but that means that I have to pump up my engagement to ensure that those personal devices are used purposefully.

Leaving this course, I am reminded that we all must be advocates. We must be willing to sacrifice our time to ensure that our students get the access and education that they deserve. We know now more than we ever did before, both about teaching and about technology. We must be advocates that are willing to try, and willing to fail so that we model the learning that we expect from our students.