#TrueNorth18 – An Experience

I had the opportunity to attend part of the #TrueNorth18 conference, put on by Communitech. It was a tremendous experience, not only in awe of the venue and the speakers, but the content of the topics as well.

Some context… I get trapped in the EduTechBubble, where everything I see and do relates back to what I teach. While this may be very helpful most days, it does paint me into a corner, and this conference helped me see the world outside of what I do in the classroom.

The conversation had by Spike Jonze, Charlie Brooker and Kate Darling was both informative and imaginative.

Hearing about how putting data online has helped push people to make sure our police are keeping their standards up was awe inspiring. However, I was most impacted, as a teacher, by Catherine Bracy. She reminded me of the inequality that exists outside, and how we must make sure that we are using #TechForGood. I want to make sure that I stay grounded, and that, as we do with all students, we make sure that we are working to be great people, both on, and off line. I will leave you with these two comments:

Let’s get to work.