TID – Day 11 – Shaun of the Die

Name Zombie Dice
Players 2 – Many
Play Time 5 – 10 minutes
Game Style Play and Pass, Push your luck

*CONTENT ADVISORY* – This one includes necessary Zombie defences, which includes shotgun blasts. The situation is fantasy, so I would consider this game safe for Grade 7-8 and higher.

For a good party game, I like a nice pass, play and chat game. Zombie Dice fits that bill nicely. Each turn, you fill the cup with dice, and randomly select three to roll. Each dice has sides with Brains (good and tasty), Feet (your prey has run away, roll this dice again), and an explosion (shotgun blast, three and your turn is done). You continue rolling until either you receive three shotgun blasts (and lose the brains you have gained) or choose to stop rolling (and keep the brains you have gained). The first to 13 brains wins!

Check out gameplay here:

Direct Curricular Applicability: Minimal
– Number sense (I guess)
– Probability (really, your strongest case)
Time to Play Quick
Roll dice, and go!
Tangential Learning: Low
You could do some personal writing on surviving the Zombie apocalypse.
Gameplay Complexity Low
Grab and go for this one.
OVERALL: Students love the concept and the content, and is a really good relaxing game to play with a large group.

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