TID – Day 3 – No One Can Go Faster than the Speed of the Jungle

Name Jungle Speed
Players 2-Lots
Play Time As much time as you have
Game Style Fast play, Matching

It’s a jungle out there, and this game proves it. Players start with a deck of cards, and play a card in front of them. If the pattern on their card matches another players, they enter the duel stage. They both grab for the totem in the middle of the table, and whoever grabs it, gives all their played cards to the loser of the duel. If the totem is grabbed on a non-match, that is the Jungle Speed, and that player receives all the played cards from all the current players. *WARNING* Setting up rules for grabbing the totem is key at school. I have broken a cat dish with a miss-timed swipe and a flying totem. Please exercise caution, this is a great game, but can get out of hand easily.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Medium
– Patterning
– Visual Acuity
Time to Play Truly Variable
This game gets quicker the more it is played. The end game depends on the parity of skill of those playing. Players can get frustrated with a veteran who has become really quick with practice.
Tangential Learning: Medium
This one card game that actually uses some physical literacy. Students can really hone reaction time and hand-eye coordination playing Jungle Speed.
Gameplay Complexity Low
Play a card, does it match? Yes, DUEL!. No, then next person plays. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
OVERALL: This is another game that always has a crowd around it. Students both love to play, and watch. It does get really loud, but it is important to expend the energy inside for better learning after. I would also suggest that you get the plastic totem version for in school. The build quality of the wooden totem is much better, but it does have the danger of becoming a projectile.

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