TID – Day 1 – There Be Treasure!

Welcome to Tabletopping In December. Here is the first instalment:

Name Incan Gold
Players 3-8
Play Time About 20-30 Minutes
Game Style Press Your Luck

I had originally played this game as “Diamante”, but that version was difficult to get a hold of and consequently I was turned in this direction. Incan Gold is a press-your-luck style card game. You are tasked as an explorer of Incan Ruins. As you travel through the ruins, you encounter 3 different kinds of cards: Treasure, Danger and Artifact. If a treasure is shown, the amount on the card is split evenly throughout the remaining players, with any remainders put back on the card. If a danger is shown, two different outcomes may happen. If it is your first time seeing the danger, then you are scared, but may continue searching. If it is the second time you have seen the same danger, then you perish losing all the treasure you have collected. If you an artifact is displayed, then you must be on the only one to leave the ruins to collect the Artifact. After each card is laid, the each person decides if they are going to explore further, or leave the ruin, hence the press-your-luck style. The further you explore, the more likely you are to get a larger share of the treasure, but you are also in more danger of dying. There are 5 rounds in each full game.

Direct Curricular Applicability: High
– Number Sense (Addition, Division)
– Probability
Time to Play Short
Great replay value. Students can play during nutrition breaks, and not feel like they have been cheated out of a full game.
Tangential Learning: High
Lots of strategy in this one. Students can really dig into what the best strategy is to move forward. I like to play PIG in the classroom as a companion game. (PIG Rules: Three Rounds, Each round consists of 2 die rolls. Students add together pips to determine the amount of points they collect. If doubles, then they lose all points for that round, and the round is over. After each roll, students decide if they want to continue or stop and save the points they have earned). Each game makes the students do math in their head to determine the probability that they are going to be successful on the next event.
Gameplay Complexity Low
Students pick this one up really easily. The concepts are simple, and the students like the high replay value.
OVERALL: I love playing this game and so do my students. While the game never changes much, I find that there is always a strong sense of excitement. Indoor nutrition breaks (recesses) always has a significant group of students playing Incan Gold.

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