AVADIN – Day 9 – All Grown Up

One of my favourite BNL lyrics comes from a song called Baby Seat, “If you think growing up is tough, Then you’ve just not grown enough…”. I think it hits to the heart of the human experience, that the life we have lived doesn’t really get easier, and the things that we thought were so bad early on, pale in comparison to what we deal with later. This process of growing up is fascinating to our students. They want so badly to skip the essential journey that stitches together all that we are.

I find this especially evident in health class, and definitely heading into a Puberty unit. Students rarely stop to consider all the changes that they have gone through. I find that getting them to stop and consider the journey is valuable in understanding the importance of the changes. Enter this video:

The director recorded his daughter each week for the first 12 years of her life. This video shows the growing up process with exceptional clarity, with not only physical changes, but also mental maturation. It is a great provocation for both Health and Writing lessons.

Lesson Ideas:

  1. How have I changed? (Health Introduction)
  2. The Story of Me (language/media photo project, photo essay)
  3. Puberty introduction

This video is only audio – but it can be considered a companion piece to the video above. In this we hear the growth, as the creator has recorded his niece over a number of years.

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