A Second Set of Reflections from #BIT14

Here are my thoughts from the second day. They will be much shorter, as I presented today.

Speaker/Session Thoughts Telltale Tweet
Morning Keynote
Ron Canuel


The more I think about this session, the more I’m glad I was angry at points. As an educator, I am not critical enough of the things going on around me. I do believe, with all my being, that our education system needs to transform. Not just me, not just the people here, but the whole damned thing. Ron made me uncomfortable with his labelling of teachers as resistant to change, but maybe I’m just isolating myself in a little bubble of teachers who are willing to. I still don’t agree with all he said. I found that he disparaged anecdotal evidence in the beginning, and then spent the entire time selling us anecdotes. But uncomfortable is good. And I will take it and run.

Immediate Implementation: Track Change – If I believe it is happening, there must be signs

The Networked Leader
George Couros

I love going to a session, and seeing things I do, and then things I can do better. I love the idea of using Storify and twitter as an easy way to create a class newsletter. Hashtag the events in class, add them into a storify, add in youtube or other features, and boom! Easy-peasy! I could feel the leaders in the room seeing how important it was to adjust to the online reality. I’m just disappointed I was only able to be there for half.

Immediate Implementation: More Hastagging! (sp?)

My Session

I am going to analyze my session further as I get farther away from it, but I do know some things for sure. The Chromecast isn’t ready for prime time. I think I took too long to switch to the chromebook+HDMI cord. I had great engagement, but I spent too long on theory. Get to the point faster, me! I’m so glad for the sharing in session – like QR Voice

Immediate Implementation: Try QR Voice, Move Chromecast back to “beta” for big presentations

Afternoon Keynote
George Couros

Well, that was a heck of a way to end a conference. This was pure pump em’ up and send em’ out, preachin to the converted. It was a simple message about the power of being a teacher, and to push ourselves to do more with what we have, but it was done with an excellent mix of humour and pathos (I don’t think I’ve cried that much at a keynote). Here are some favourite videos from the session:

Immediate Implementation: Keep on Keepin’ on!

Final Thoughts (for now): I love it here. It has both the ability to reaffirm that I am moving forward, but also to challenge me. I really liked getting down into the messy pedagogy and murky learning theories. I’m wondering if we need to make that more public. Can we get the mid-adopters if we make them aware that we aren’t just playing with toys? It’s something to look at. In the meantime, I’ll be prepping for BIT15!

Immediate Implementation: Ask myself everyday “Would I want to learn in this classroom?”

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