AVADIN – Day 3 – OK GO do this!

Our board has delivered at least 50 mobile devices to each of our schools, with the hope of bringing these tools closer to where the learning is happening. The instructions coming along side their delivery was that their purpose was not to be a game station (or as “free-time” devices) but to be used for the 5 C’s (Communicate, Collaborate, Create, Citizenship, Critical Questioning/Answering).

Sometimes it is hard for us to start thinking about what we can create, especially in the midst of many professionally done videos and services. Students and Teachers need a place to start where the creativity is evident, but also the accessibility of the the task. Enter the music videos of OK Go! A sensation in their own right, they also embody a DIY spirit, and are an art piece unto themselves.

The first video that really broke the mould was made with a video camera and 8 treadmills – an exercise in simplicity, it shows that creativity doesn’t need money:

The next one that won my heart was their Rube Goldberg machine video. At once one of my favourite creative concepts (who doesn’t love doing simple things in the most complicated way possible), but also just plain entertaining to watch –

Finally, the most commercial of OK Go’s videos (because part of it IS a commercial for a car), but it takes the idea of found instrumentation to the next level.

Here is a playlist of all their videos. Come for the stop motion, stay for the dogs!

Lesson Ideas:

  1. Create your own instrument (Needing/Getting)
  2. Forces acting on Objects (This Too Shall Pass (rube goldberg machine version)
  3. Animation (Specifically stop animation – End Love or Last Leaf)
  4. Animal Adaptations (White Knuckles)
  5. How Many Loaves? A Math problem question starter (Last Leaf)

Because we all need more dancing on treadmills:

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