AVADIN – Day 1 – Bloop, There It Is! (or how I learned to stop worrying and love Pixar)

My class is currently in the middle of an examination of Visual Literacy using short films. We have been focusing the work of Pixar (with a few other added in for variation). It is a great examination of both how we make movies, and the stories that camera composition tell, but also of the great storytelling legacy of Pixar. There was a wonderful article a few years ago entitled the “The 22 Storytelling Rules, According to Pixar“. Bloop animation has taken that article and turned it into a YouTube series on storytelling. Check out the playlist embedded below:

The combination of articles, bloop anitmation’s work, and copies of the Pixar shorts (available here on dvd, and also on iTunes), make for a great multifaceted examination of the art of storytelling.

Lesson Ideas:

  1. Create criteria for short films
  2. Used tally charts and graphs to examine the use of different types of shots in short films (landscape, wide, super wide, medium, close up)

  3. “What Different Shots Mean” Poster Series (landscape, wide, super wide, medium, close up)
    Super Wide

  4. Developed our own storytelling rules
  5. Types of Literacy Anchor Charts

  6. Make your own Stop Animation (using NFB PixStop app on iPad)
  7. Pitch a movie (for persuasive writing)
  8. Write your own script
  9. Be a critic (write reviews)

So you want your mind blown/reveal whether you are overly skeptical? Take a look at the video version of the Pixar Theory (original postinteractive website). It’s a fan theory that every Pixar movie is set in the same universe. It’s a stretch, but it is also awesome. Enjoy:

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