ARADIO – Day 26 – Marth Madness

One of my challenges each year is how to integrate art into the other subjects (other than having the students just adding a drawing component to a poster or similar activity). I stumbled upon the concept of Marth a few years ago (with the help of Tom Fuke). The idea was to have an art concept that held up on its own as artwork while also using some sort of mathematic technique.

Fractal Art is one of my favourite. Using just scissors and paper, students can create intricate patterns that, when finished, look immensely complicated, and provide a great jump in point for any number of mathematical concepts (addition, multiplication, patterning – just to name a few).

Patterns also pop up in the art of people like Nadia Russ and her Neopoprealism:

Thanks to Steve, a wonderful teacher candidate with whom I had the pleasure of working with these last few months for showing me many wonderful artists, like Nadia Russ, and for preparing the lessons on her.

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