Reflecting on Reflecting

“Reflection is part of your work”

However long this learning journey is, it has been made easier by the reflection that I do. Early on in my career, I tried to hide the disappointing, the embarrassing, the “not good”. It was uncomfortable to think about, and, in my mind, the traits of an unsuccessful teacher. I knew that I was new, but it felt as if I needed to have the confidence and security, and that negative reactions to lessons or other aspects of teaching were signs that I was failing.

11 years later, and I am still uncomfortable with thinking about my lessons. I am however, comfortable with being uncomfortable. Innovation requires trying, and with that trying comes failure. Take this tweet (found from George Couros‘ blog):

If I didn’t try, I wouldn’t know, and it is within the reflection on that failure that I understand where I need to move forward. I give myself the permission to try, and to fail.

My practice is better for my reflection. My practice is better when I share. My practice is better when I am more than just me.