What’s in a Name?

Name Codenames and Codenames Pictures
Players 2 – Lots
Play Time 5 – 20 minutes per round
Game Style Group Play/Discussion, Clue Giving, Connection Making

Codenames is a great party game that makes you consider how different words or pictures relate to each other. You are a codemaster, in a race to reveal your spy network to your operatives. You give a clue word and a number. The word should reference multiple cards, and the number is the number of cards that word references. For example, if you needed your team to guess “England”, “Palm Tree” and “Ocean”, you might say Island:3. Your hope is that your team can make the same connections you can.

In the day and age where we are looking for flexible thinking, and stretching and exercising our brain, I can think of no better game to get started in this. I have started to play this each morning with my Grade 3/4 class, and they love the chance to discuss and make a case for which card they think this going to be the right choice.

Direct Curricular Applicability: High
Logical Thinking
Persuasive Speech
Justify Thinking
Time to Play Quick
Each round can be done quickly, and you can allow as much thinking as you want.
Tangential Learning: High
The vocabulary expansion is high, as students use more specific wording to drive down on sepcific pictures.
Gameplay Complexity Low
The game is quick and easy.
OVERALL: This is gaining in popularity quickly, but the replay value is so high that even people who have lots of experience aren’t a great advantage.