TID – Day 29 – It’s Rile Tummy!

Name Rummikub
Players 2 – 4
Play Time 30 minutes
Game Style Number Collection

Rummikub is a nice little tile collection game. Played like Rummy, you are collecting and laying tiles until all of yours are gone. This is a cottage game that translates quite nicely to the classroom.

Direct Curricular Applicability: High
– Number Sense (Ordering)
– Number Sense (Addition for entry)
Time to Play Medium
Some time needs to be taken in setup. It is also a game that is not easy to stop halfway through.
Tangential Learning: Low
Just lots of numbers.
Gameplay Complexity Low
I would see the addition as the hardest part.
OVERALL: This is another nice game to play and chat with. While there is something to be done while it isn’t your turn, it doesn’t require complete concentration.

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