TID – Day 27 – Do You Suffer from Anomia?

Name Anomia
Players 3 – Many
Play Time 10 – 20 minutes
Game Style Card Laying/Duel

The word association version of Jungle Speed, Anomia is a hoot and a half. Each card has a category and a symbol. If, when you play a card, your symbol matches someone else’s on the table, you have to be the one to yell out an item from their category. It is a lot simpler than it sounds, and each duel gets loud and exhilarating.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Medium
– Language
– Counting (scoring)
Time to Play Quick
Easily played in a nutrition break. Game does not need to reach completion to have some satisfaction.
Tangential Learning: Low
Students can explore different items within the categories.
Gameplay Complexity Low
Can you read, and yell? Then go ahead, and play!
OVERALL: This game is a lot of fun. The original game has some categories that will be too complex for younger grades (who knows a list of rock operas?), but even a paired down deck is fun. Replay value gets diminished as people get to know the categories in each deck.

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