TID – Day 26 – A Complicated Boxing Day

Name 1960: The Making of the President
Players 2
Play Time 90 – 120 Minutes
Game Style Strategy

Possibly the most complicated of all the games I will look at this month, this is also, if you have the time, the best two player game I own. As a closet history geek, and being married to one, this game is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in a culture and a historical turning point. I love the idea of playing within an alternate reality where the outcome has yet to be determined. Like playing as the Zombie in Last Night On Earth, I love playing this game as Nixon, and seeing if I can outmaneuver Kennedy.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Medium
– High School History for the Win
Time to Play Long
Be ready to sit and learn for this one.
Tangential Learning: High
So much history here.
Gameplay Complexity Massive
Be ready to read. And read. And then read some more.
OVERALL: Don’t be scared of the complexity, this is truly a wonderful game. It is currently ranked #97 on the BGGs big list.

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