TID – Day 21 – How to Woo Santa

Name Love Letter and Letters to Santa
Players 2-4
Play Time 20 minutes
Game Style Deduction, Guessing

Here is a great, quick game. You are a trying to woo a princess (or get your letter to Santa). In each round, you attempt to gain influence by being the “closest” to the princess/Santa. You draw and trade cards to climb the ladder, and, at the end of the round, the person holding the highest ranking card gets one of the letters to their desired target. This one is fun and fast, and requires very little in the way of set up.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Low
– Reading
Time to Play Quick
One round can be as little as 3 minutes, giving students a meaningful playing time.
Tangential Learning: Medium
depending on the version, you can explore the history and traditions surrounding the era/tradition.
Gameplay Complexity Low
Draw a card, do an action, try not to get out..
OVERALL: A quick little game that is ranked 89th in BGG’s big list. I find that, for the simplicity of the game, it has a really high replay value.

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