TID – Day 19 – Sushi without the Smell

Name Wasabi
Players 2 – 4
Play Time 45 Minutes
Game Style Collecting Resources, Laying Tiles

I love the novelty of this game. You are a Sushi chef attempting to collect ingredients and lay tiles to properly prepare your menu of sushi. The limited space on the playing board, makes this game one of strategy and luck. There are style points included, which means that brute speed can be beaten by finesse in this game. I don’t find that this one has a great constant replay, but I do like pulling this one out as a palate cleanser to some of the longer games.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Medium
– Patterning (laying the tiles)
– Health (Healthy eating, maybe?)
Time to Play Medium
This one isn’t short enough for a break, but does lend itself to getting finished within a class period (or two).
Tangential Learning: Medium
Lots of Japanese culture and food to explore here.
Gameplay Complexity Medium
About the same complexity as Ticket to Ride, and once you get started, it is pretty easy to follow the rounds.
OVERALL: I like the concentration that Wasabi requires. You can’t stop paying attention, or you will get lost in the details.

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