TID – Day 18 – This Game is Bananas!

Image courtesy of Bananagrams

Name Bananagrams
Players 1 – Many
Play Time 10 minutes
Game Style Making Words

This seems like a theme to end the week. Like these last two posts, this one is all about the words. Like a free form scrabble, Bananagrams has you scrambling for words, and adding letters all the time. The game finishes when someone has a completed board, and there are less tiles than players in the centre. It is fun, fast paced, and great for all ages.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Strong
– We LOVE words!
Time to Play Quick
Setup is pretty easy, and play time goes quickly as words are made.
Tangential Learning: Low
Who wants to learn about Bananas?
Gameplay Complexity Low
If you can spell, you can play.
OVERALL: I love the physicality of this game, and the students really get into feeling successful making words!

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