TID – Day 17 – It’s Like Rummy, with Words

Image courtesy of How Stuff Works

Name Quiddler
Players 1 – 8
Play Time 30 minutes
Game Style Making Words

Quiddler, like Scrabble Flash, is a wonderful word game. You start with 3 cards, and, by drawing and discarding, attempt to get ‘out’ by spelling a word. The value of cards played becomes your score for that round. Each round, you increase the number of cards in your hand, all the way to 11. Most points at the end wins!

Direct Curricular Applicability: Strong
– Number Sense (scoring)
– We LOVE words!
Time to Play Medium
The speed of each round makes it easy to stop after only a few, but a full game wouldn’t be playable at nutrition break.
Tangential Learning: Low
You might have fun making some new card art.
Gameplay Complexity Low
If you can spell, you can play.
OVERALL: This is another game that ends up getting played as an interlude on long gaming days, or at Sunday dinners as an alternative to others. It is relatively easy to play, but you can really get into making fun words.

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