TID – Day 16 – More Jetsons than Flintstones

Image courtesy of Wikimedia

Name Stone Age
Players 2 – 4
Play Time 90 minutes
Game Style Resource Management

This is my wife, Jennifer’s, favourite game, by a wide margin. You control a tribe of people that are competing for resources with up to 3 other tribes. Each round you place your meeples in an attempt to gain rapidly dwindling resources. You are trying not only to gain the upper hand, but to make sure you can feed your growing tribe. The game mechanics allow for a number of competing strategies to be played at the same time, meaning that it caters to different playing styles.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Medium
– Number Sense (scoring)
– Ancient Civilizations (good provocation for the establishment of colonies)
Time to Play Long
The rounds are the same, so setting up and taking down isn’t hard, but you would find it hard to finish a complete game in one sitting at school.
Tangential Learning: High
Lots of resources mean lots of different learning that can be attained. How did that early settlers use agriculture? What were ancient tools like? How much wheat do you need to feed one person?
Gameplay Complexity Medium
Once the pattern is established, each round plays the same.
OVERALL: This is another game that has simple mechanics, but a wide variation of acceptable strategies and gameplay. There are bonuses for each strategy and careful planning can see each through to victory. There is good reason that it is Jen’s favourite, and it is currently 47th on BGG’s big list.

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