TID – Day 15 – Which Way Are You Going?

Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

Name LCR
Players 2 – Lots
Play Time 5 minutes
Game Style Dice Rolling

LCR, which stands for Left, Centre, Right, is a quick and easy game. Each player gets three chips to start, and each rolls one dice for each chip they have (up to three). This makes more sense later as you gain or lose chips. The die are marked “L”, which means you pass one chip to the left, “R”, in which you pass one to the right, “C” which means you put one in the pot in the center, or a Dot, which means you can keep your chip. Once you have followed the directions of the dice, you pass them to the next player. The game is over when one player has all the remaining chips. Because of the constant passing, no one is ever out until that end game is achieved.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Medium
– Probability and Predictions
Time to Play Quick
Take three chips and start rolling.
Tangential Learning: Low
I really can’t see much out of this one.
Gameplay Complexity Low
Grab and go for this one.
OVERALL: I find that this one is an easy game to pack and take on the road. If you have distances to travel, or are somewhere where you need a distraction, this one takes up very little space in a travel bag.

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