TID – Day 14 – Solo Effort

Scrabble Flash

Name Scrabble Flash
Players 1 – 3 (although teams can play)
Play Time 30 seconds – Lots
Game Style Making Words

Sometimes you just don’t want to play with others. While collaboration is a key ingredient in my classroom, I know there are times that this isn’t necessary. I find it hard to find good solo games, and Scrabble Flash is one of the winners that I have come across. In the box you get 5 tiles. When playing the basic game, it will show you 5 letters, and you have to form as many different 3, 4 or 5 letter words as possible within the time frame. Students have a great time racing against the clock. You can also modify it by only using 4 tiles to reduce the complexity.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Strong
– You are making words!
Time to Play Quick
Turn on the tiles, and go
Tangential Learning: Low
Not much outside of word play, although I could see some kids getting intrigued by the learning.
Gameplay Complexity Low
Grab and go for this one.
OVERALL: I really like this one for putting a bit of game behind the creation of words. Students are always amazed at the different combinations. I do find that students don’t always use the best strategies (like just putting random blocks together and hoping), but I find that the good strategies far outweigh the bad..

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