TID – Day 13 – My Favourite Kind of Capacitor

Name Fluxx and its many variations
Players 2 – Many
Play Time 5 – 10 minutes
Game Style Pick a card, play a card

The simplicity of this game is deceptive. The basic rules start with “Draw a Card, Play a Card”, yhen all heck breaks loose. Cards played will change rules, destroy plans, and leave you angry and vengeful. The game can be over in two turns, or thirty turns. The play is quick and gets everyone at the table engaged in the game. The game often finishes more based on luck than strategy, but sometimes the journey is more important.

Check out gameplay here: (Star Fluxx shown)

Direct Curricular Applicability: Minimal
– Reading (a lot)
– Number Sense (complexity as rules change)
Time to Play Quick
Very quick to play and set up.
Tangential Learning: Low – High
Really depends on the deck you use. I would say that Eco Fluxx would be the one best used as a provocation.
Gameplay Complexity Low
The rules change, but basics don’t. Students will pick this one up quickly.
OVERALL: This is another great indoor nutrition break (recess) game. It is quick to pick up and put away, and the students love the variety inherent in the game.

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