TID – Day 10 – Get Ready for the Blitz

Name Dutch Blitz
Players 2 – 4
Play Time Quick and Lively
Game Style Card Laying, Simultaneous Play

Nothing says fast paced like Dutch Blitz. A game of stacking and claiming piles, each round is a ridiculous clash which reqrds the ones with fast hand eye-coordination. All that is necessary is the ability to count to ten, know your colours and a will to win! Replay value on the Blitz is very high.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Medium
– Number sense
– Patterning
Time to Play Quick
Set up is simple, and game play is very quick.
Tangential Learning: Low
Not much beyond exploring the Mennonite community.
Gameplay Complexity Low
All you have to do is stack cards up to 10.
OVERALL: Another good game for getting kids up and active while playing. I always preferred playing this one standing up. Timid players will probably shy away from this one, but for most, it is engaging fun.

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