TID – Day 9 – Arrgh-itecture

Name Ugg-Tect
Players Some – Lots
Play Time Quite Variable
Game Style Creating Structures, Communication

I find that students gravitate towards the more active games, like Jungle Speed. The physicality speaks to them at a instinctive level, and they find it much more intuitive than a lot of the card-laying turn-based games. Ugg-tect gets them up and moving and being silly. You are a caveman architect, and you are trying to convey your idea to your cavemen contractors. On each card you pull is a design, and you, without showing the card, have to tell the other players on your team how to place each object. However, your caveman language consists of only very basic commands, and you must use only those to communicate:

The game is equal parts frustrating and invigorating. CLASSROOM NOTE: Playing with the inflatable clubs can be hazardous to classroom management. I suggest changing that command to something that involves less hitting.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Strong
– 3D Shapes
– Speaking with purpose
– Structures
Time to Play Medium
Set up is rather quick, and the game can increase to fill up time available. Easily playable during a nutrition break.
Tangential Learning: Low
It might be good for some history, or a provocation for building structures.
Gameplay Complexity Low
Build structures, don’t say english words. Pretty simple.
OVERALL: I like this one for getting students up and moving, and for having them think about their word choice. It is a really fun way to limit their vocabulary. You could even get into a conversation about how many words they know, and then use the image linked below to explore what how someone who knows 1000 words would talk.

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