TID – Day 8 – Eight Days a Week

Name Ticket To Ride – So many different versions!
Players 2-5
Play Time About an Hour
Game Style Hand Building, Route Claiming

Beyond Settlers of Catan, I find that the other game that most casual gamers have played is Ticket To Ride. An extremely easy game to pick up, it challenges the players to connect destinations to finish route cards, all while attempting claim scarce resources and tracks from their fellow players. One of the joys of this game is that it continues to hold challenge for both novice and experienced players. It isn’t a long game, but has immense replay value. To give you an idea of how much I like it, here is a list of what is currently on my game shelf: Original, Europe, USA 1910 expansion, Europa 1912 expansion, Map Collections 1&2, Alvin and Dexter expansion, and the card game.

See game play here:

Direct Curricular Applicability: Strong
– Number Sense (score keeping)
– Patterning (score keeping)
Time to Play Medium
Set up is rather quick, so most of the time to play is taken up with the meat and potatoes of playing.
Tangential Learning: Medium
If you like trains (obligatory), then this can provide endless fun. I like the Europe map not only for game play, but because it treats the players as if they have some intelligence. They use the original names for all the cities, which gives the students a chance to explore a different set of geography.
Gameplay Complexity Low
Once the pattern is established, the game really runs itself.
OVERALL: The Europe map is ranked 52 on BGG’s List, with 3 of the games in the top 100. This is a great game for players both young and old. If you are looking for an entry point into boardgames beyong the big ones (Clue, Monopoly, etc.), this is the one I would choose.

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