TID – Day 6 – A Tale of Two Games

Name Powergrid/Megawatts
Players 2-6
Play Time 2 hours!
Game Style Resource Management/Auction, Bidding

This really is a great game for a long and lazy Saturday. I do apologize for the misleading title, as these are actually the same game, just with different maps. I picked up the copy of Megawatts for my library because it has a Canadian map associated with it. The general concept has each player playing as an electric utility where you bid for different power sources, and then power cities on the board. Each round consists of bidding, buying resources and powering cities. As simple as that sounds, it really can get quite complex and requires multistep thinking while playing. This game is currently the tenth ranked game on Board Game Geek’s Board Game list. I consider everything in the top 100 to be a pretty safe bet to be a great game.

Direct Curricular Applicability: Strong
– Electricity
– Power Management
– Trade Among Nations (try the North Korea/South Korea map)
Time to Play Really Long
You have to set aside an entire block to have the students play this one. It is time consuming, and needs to be played through to completion to have good effect.
Tangential Learning: High
This one is a really great provocation for looking at how we power and consume energy. The different maps also have different rules depending on the economies of the countries involved. There are many great places to go with Power Grid/Megawatts.
Gameplay Complexity High
Especially at school, this game will need a seasoned veteran to run this game. You almost need a “story teller” keeping everyone on track.
OVERALL: You have really plan to have this one at school, but it can be worth it. However, if you are looking for a great Saturday afternoon at home, then I can’t recommend this one highly enough!

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