TID – Day 2 – Shark Bait

Name Get Bit!
Players 2-6
Play Time About 10-30 Minutes
Game Style Mass Play, Racing

Basic premise – You are a robot swimming away from a robotic shark. If, at the end of the round, you are last in line, you lose a limb. Lose 4 limbs and you are out of the game. Last robot swimming wins. It’s pretty simple and addictive. The robots are fairly well constructed and the games are quick. I don’t find it stands up to more than 2 or 3 games in a row, but for short bursts it really works.

Check out the gameplay video below (language not verified SFW):

Direct Curricular Applicability: Medium
– Probability
Time to Play Short
Depending on familiarity to the game, this one can be really quick. The pattern is easy to pick up, and the simplicity lends itself to almost all students.
Tangential Learning: Medium
I find this one to be more silly, but you can stretch to pull out some other learning. Research on shark attacks would be fun for some students. They can also work on determining strategy, and figuring out what card to play, instead of picking from their hand at random.
Gameplay Complexity Low
Play a card, does it match? Yes, don’t move your piece. No, then move your piece to the front of the line. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.
OVERALL: Another great indoor game that gets the kids to expend some (sometimes loud) energy. It doesn’t have the great curriculum connections of Incan Gold, but it does get kids playing any chance they can.

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