So one ends, And another begins

This has been a great month. I have really had a lot of fun going back through a lot of videos that I had stored away in different places. I’ll continue to share what I can, but with the start of December tomorrow, it is time for a new theme.

Let’s not be coy about this, I love board games. See this:

I love to play them with friends, family, students, or just about anyone willing to sit down and play. I have been lucky enough to meet some wonderful people who also enjoy playing (Like @MzMollyTL and @MTettes). So, for the month of December, I’ll be sharing a board game a day. I’ll give each a run through their applicability to the classroom (I have used many). I’ll also try to get a variety of games with differing strategy and gameplay. Check out this post on Steampunk Rally for an example. It should be fun!

Welcome to Tabletopping in December!

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