AVADIN – Day 26 – Subtitle Reading Required

I like to watch this video in halves, as it is essentially 2 commercials in one. Imagine that the first half goes to the 0:50 mark:

I love how it spends the first bit setting up what seems to be a decent metaphor, and then the second half destroying that premise. Students need work on thinking critically, and deeply about topics. It is important to see beyond the simplicity of some statements and see the truth behind. I like this as a writing exercise, but I also think that this would be a good start to goal setting.

Lesson Ideas:

  1. Can we change our mind? (watching it in halves)
  2. What are your paths? (goal setting)
  3. Is this an effective commercial?
  4. Can you tell what they are selling?

Because you have to dance anyway you can.

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