AVADIN – Day 25 – History is Really Long

Inconceivably long. In his re-imagining of Cosmos, Neil Degrasse Tyson used a “Cosmic Calendar”, which compressed all of time into a 12 month calendar. It was an interesting way to visualize and compare, but it still suffers from a problem of scale. I don’t think there could be any real comparison that would truly give us a sense of time, but I like the following video as a way to get at some really surprising revelations:

I love the idea that the T-Rex is closer to seeing a Miley Cyrus concert than a live Stegosaurus.

Lesson Ideas:

  1. Science Provocation
  2. What time would you like to live in?
  3. Writing exercises
  4. Predicting our Future

It’s a Non-Newtonian Dance Party!

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