AVADIN – Day 24 – Lending a Hand

Real life examples of true selflessness are, to be honest, getting easier to come by. YouTube has become a great resource of feel good stories and touching moments. These are great discussion starting points as we talk about what impact the actions had and what we might have done in the same situation. One that I like to use, because it has some definite grey area, is this clip from the 2006 Olympics in Torino:

You can find it at about 1:01 in the video. While an obvious example of great sportsmanship, it also gets the kids to think about fairness vs winning. The Norwegian coach had no responsibility to Sara Renner, especially because the Canadians came in 2nd, and the Norwegians 4th.

Here is a follow up story from the CBC.

Lesson Ideas:

  1. Did they make the right choice
  2. When is losing ok?
  3. What can we learn from this?

Here is the slow jam version of the theme from Ducktales. Because… Why not?

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