AVADIN – Day 22 – Making Do With What You Have

The late night shows have had a bit of a renaissance on YouTube. Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, and Conan O’Brien how breathed life into their shows by sharing much of their comedy online. Jimmy has stars reading mean tweets, Craig has some of the best monologues in the business, and there is no match for the mind of Conan. But much of the humour is meant for that 11:00 pm and onwards crowd. Enter Mr. Fallon. He has some of the most creative bits, and with the prowess of the Roots behind him, he can really dig deep musically. One of the easiest entry points for school, and perhaps one of the most entertaining, is the “Big Hits with Classroom Instruments” segments. See these examples:

Lesson Ideas:

  1. Make your own music video
  2. Provocation for different music arrangements
  3. looking at musical covers

Here is a lip sync battle to tide you over:

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