AVADIN – Day 21 – A Day in the Life

I think that the NFB is doing some of most interesting storytelling right now. Take Bear71

A story of a bear living near Canmore, Alberta. You start with the capture and release of the bear, and then track it, and other animals as you navigate through out it’s home territory. The narration is deliberately thought provoking and extremely interesting, and gives students pause for deep philosophical and ecological questions. It also uses the webcam to immerse the viewer in the experience.

I suggest taking a look through the interactive section to see the stories that are being told.

Lesson Ideas:

  1. Human Effect on Habitat
  2. Building a Habitat
  3. Talking in another voice

    Check out The Cancer of Time as an irreverent look at “Our chronic inability to do nothing”. It is a collaboration between NFB and a French Company. It is also an app on the Play Store, and the App Store.

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