AVADIN – Day 11 – We Remember

Today’s is an early post in hopes that you can use this today as we Remember those who have given their lives for our Country. This is the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI and our ability to connect students directly with those who experienced the horror of these World Wars dwindles each year. First person recounts and stories are what keeps this knowledge fresh in the minds of our youth today. Enter the Memory Project.

The Memory Project links resources and speakers to those looking to make connections to our troops. They have also started to make both audio and video recordings of the stories of these Veterans, as well as cataloging keepsakes and memorials that they have brought with them. It may be as close as we can get to this first hand knowledge as we get farther away from the World Wars.

Here is a link to William Edward Fell, one of the few with a video.

No Lesson Ideas or Bonus Videos Today – Just share and pass on the memories.

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