#BIT14 – A Thursday in Review

Here are some thoughts on the day:

Speaker/Session Thoughts Telltale Tweet
Keynote Richard Byrne
I loved the way that this keynote was able to frame our learning for the rest of the conference.
It was a that familiar statement that we need to be able to let go of our control, because we cannot predict where the world is going, or what jobs are going to be available. Teaching the students to be flexible, and to think for themselves is most important skill we can encourage.

Immediate Implementation: Change “Today we are going to learn…” to “Today we are going to explore…”

Extracting DNA from a Banana
I got to this one late because I got to catch up with @MzMollyTL and @teacherHahn. When I arrived, I found the room all working on bananas. That room was bananas! I really enjoyed the concept of bringing in an expert into the classroom, and really releasing the learning. It was a little microsoft centric (I would prefer to see sessions as software/hardware independent as possible), but I do really enjoy seeing how we can use the technology to bring worldwide interaction straight to the classroom.

Immediate Implementation: Find an expert!

Integrative Thinking
Heidi Siwak
Wow. I love the concept of digging into a pool of data and then playing around in the data with the students. This was a way of teaching that not only allowed students to play in the sand, but also developed in them a sense of purpose and that they could make decisions and come to conclusions about difficult issues. I really wanted to see the reactions of students as they worked at seeing the value in bad ideas.

Immediate Implementation: More reading and self-pd on the topic.

PD Session on PD
(or as I like to call it, the inception session)
With Scott Johnson
I will love any session that delves into Steven Katz and his Intentional Interruption. Two giant takeaways for me as I design my own PD sessions. #1 – Always know (and can answer simply) WHY – why are we doing this. If you can say why, then people will go with you. #2 – PD is best when people are uncomfortable, and then move to a comfortable place. We need to move ourselves to a new place of learning, and if our practice doesn’t change, then it really wasn’t PD.

Immediate Implementation: Write strong Why statements for my PD sessions

Level Up – Game Based learning
with Adele Stanfield
Derek Walker
I found this was a great resource session – here are the sites that were mentioned (in twitter form):

Immediate Implementation: DRAGONBOX!

iOS Video and Assessment
with Logan St. Clair
Another great resource session. We played in iMovie and Coach’s Eye. I’ve used iMovie (especially the trailer function), and I love it for quick and easy editing. Coach’s Eye, and the demonstration, was a revelation. And while it is not cheap, I can see how it would be very useful many different applications. Essentially a app that acts as a telestrator, you markup, compare an annotate any video.

Immediate Implementation: Look for uses, cost is prohibitive.

Mash it Up
With Stepan Pruchnicky
I found a kindred spirit here. Tying in the research that shows that emotion is tied to deeper learning, we can explore audio and video as they relate to each other. Students showed great insight in their writing, as they described their audio choices to match to video sessions. Creative Commons Search, WeVideo and Free Music Archive are easy places to start mashing.

Immediate Implementation: Get these tools into the hands of the students

Game Design and Storytelling . This session used the website Game Mechanic as a way to give the students the background elements of game design. Students will gain an understanding, but I would have loved to see a deeper coding element. I can see the benefit, and for teachers with little coding knowledge, this is a great entry point.

Immediate Implementation: MORE CODE

Day 2 Awaits!

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