AVADIN – Day 4 – There is a Hippo in My House

A staple of my youthful tv watching were the multitude of PSA’s that littered the Saturday morning line up. I could recite the War Amps “Astar” commercials (“My name is Astar…”), tell you the content of all of NBC’s “The More You Know”, but my favourite had to be the Concerned Children’s Advertisers spots. They were self aware, and were able to have a little bit of fun. The one that I still use today is the “House Hippo” spot. It is thirty seconds of nature documentary about the little known House Hippo, with the end message asking children to think about what they are watching. The critical thinking piece is key for students today, and I use this commercial when I start lessons on what we can trust online.

(If your board blocks YouTube – Vimeo is here)

Here is the blog post that I use to start the conversation on critical thinking and websites – “Trust Issues

Lesson Ideas:

  1. Critical Thinking (online or otherwise)
  2. Creating PSAs
  3. Animal Adaptations
  4. Creating a Bestiary (might I suggest Mixed Beasts as an additive)

Here is a link to Companies Committed to Kids PSA Historical Reel Playlist

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