ARADIO – Day 20 – Are you a Search Ninja

This Google Search Ninja presentation was shared a couple of years ago (by Derrick Waddell) at a workshop at our board office. While the language is a little to high, and the content a little to dry for the younger grades, the information is important to pass on.

Some of the techniques aren’t that helpful for the younger grades, like the ellipsis search, but my students have found a wonderful power in the hyphen or subtraction searches. I used to use the example of searching for ‘Bieber’, and then showing what the results are for ‘Bieber -Justin’. Unfortunately his latest exploits haven’t been classroom friendly, so I have started to use sports teams. I talk about researching tigers, and then show a search for tigers. The first few results usually end up being for the Detroit Tigers. Then I ask the students to try “tigers -detroit“, and ask what the difference is. It is a great way to enter into the world of advanced searching.

I also have a poster that I put up in class after these lessons.

Here is the presentation:

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