ARADIO – Day 17 – When is a Classroom not in a Classroom?

I’ve started to use Google Classroom, and while not fully featured yet, the integration with our Student’s GAFE account makes this the winner for blending my learning. Setting up the students was a breeze, adding assignments/links/videos are a cinch, and getting the student access is easy, and the students are enjoying the new environment. Giving the students templates to work with is easy when you share documents that are view only. It also creates folders in my own Google Drive so that assignments that are handed in are automatically filed.

What does it need? The stream could be streamlined, and possibly taken out of the middle, or split between my posts, and student posts. That way I could sticky the important information to the top. I would also like the students to have the option to “create” a form, and have the link be the part submitted to me. This would make my data management life much easier! I’m sure there are other features that I haven’t even thought of, but this product is in its infancy, and I am willing to give it time.

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