A Resource a Day in October: Day 1 – Ministry Math

Research has shown that on of the biggest factor in determining a student’s success is the quality of the teaching. With that in mind, I’m going to be opening up my vaults this month, and sharing as many resources as I can. Most will be digital, and as many as I can will be free.

I will open up the first day with the overwhelming amount of Math Resources from the Ministry of Education. The following PDF links to everything that they have published recently that has to do with the art of teaching math.

You will find the links to the:

  1. Capacity Building Series – an excellent set of monographs on many different topics.
  2. The Effective Guides to Instruction – and while I don’t find them to be the “be all” of math teaching, they do have some very thorough problems for students to solve.
  3. A Series of Instructional Webcasts.
  4. Guides for Effective Questioning.
  5. All the Curriculum and supporting documents.

All in all, there is far to much for anyone to get through, but it does centralize all the resources. And that, I truly appreciate.

You can find the pdf linked here.

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