A Tale of Two AQs

I took the Information and Integration of Computer Technology, and the Librarianship 1 AQs over the past 12 months from ETFO, and I have come out of them with two starkly different views of technology. While a full breakdown and dissection of the courses would take more time than either of them deserve, I wanted to make one pertinent point:

If you are looking for an idea of how to truly integrate computer technology into the classroom, take the Librarian AQ. It has a better underlying philosophy about technology (one that seems to be strongly supported by good pedagogy), than the IICT does, and provides a better overview of what will help make students successful.

The final two nails in the IICT coffin (for me) were the lessons on Microsoft Word/powerpoint and WebQuests. They were both outdated on content, mode and delivery. To be honest, I was furious when I encountered those lessons as “pedagogically sound”, and I did send an email to my course leader.

Has anyone else found the IICT AQ to be better at another institution?

Are there other AQs with a better technology focus?

Next step for me is my Masters, and I am looking forward to jumping back into the academic river!

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