Learning Something new Everyday (Spoiler – We don’t)

I’ve just started reading Steven Katz/Lisa Ain Dack’s Intentional Interruption, and what has struck me so far is their interpretation of the concept of learning. By their interpretation learning something necessarily comes with a change in behaviour.

How often does the information we receive change the way we live? Not all that often. I know that my day doesn’t change much one day to the next. We slough off mistakes/quirks as “that’s the way we are”, without finding a solution and changing what we do. Learning is tough because changing is tough.

I know I have started to use this idea of learning with my students. We did a life tracking and graphing exercise, and we worked on conclusions that would help us change. It injected meaning into the work that we did, and I am confident that a number of students will change their behaviour based on the data they collected. It was one of the “aha” moments of my year so far. Metacognition is a skill that needs to be developed and this concept of learning can bring it to the forefront of my student’s mind.

I am starting to use this idea of learning to focus my own practice. I pursue knowledge and data that will help me to change, and find ways to make my classroom better. It is uncomfortable for sure, but I am beginning to be more comfortable being uncomfortable.

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